Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

when things are going well...

..be careful---shit could be lurking around the next bend

..so, there i was yesterday afternoon, out in the lovely fall afternoon, carefully placing bolt A through lockwasher L and holes P and Q...etc. to assemble legs for new table saw

..and then moving to pick up another part (all parts scattered somewhat randomly on tarp) i chanced to step on the rip-fence which i had not yet attached to the table

..you've seen cartoons of: man steps on rake...

WHACK sharp end of rip-fence leaps into action leaving a mouth-like opening behind my knee


hospital emergency room--12 stitches

no trike riding for a while

i was not designed to be a patient, i make a very bad patient--i don't want to rest and mend--i want to go out and run with the wonder dog

if only i'd had jeans on instead of shorts

if only i'd left parts in the crate until needed

if only i'd looked where i was going

if only...

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