Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,


..there seems to be something about the word monday which brings a slight trepidation even when it doesn't mean end of weekend and back to the salt mines--years of conditioning, i guess

occassionally i think i should be structuring the week to come, in some way--afterall, don't all the time management gurus claim that to be the way of successful folk--have i no burning desire to be one of the successful folk?--hmmmm?--i think it's a matter of definitions, one person's success can be another's downfall--i'm developing a sorta stream-of-consciousness way of life, moving from activity to activity as the fates shove--when a burning desire sinks it's teeth in, i usually follow it to the exclusion of other things in life, eating, sleeping, interacting--it's such a high to be involved that way--it didn't seem to happen by employing a day-planner for efficiency...
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