Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

'nother play day...

..easiest are the jobs where you can at least convince yourself that you're having fun--i'm working on pointing out to myself (and others) how fun and exciting a house renovation project can be--it's a tough sell, but i think i'm either making headway or becoming very accomplished at self delusion

and along that same line of reasoning, with this now usual morning nip in the air and caressingly warm days, i expect a grand show of tree color any day now--a further self-sell on the need for a better digi cam--any cam recommendations would be greatly appreciated (not that i've actually decided to invest in one, but a little research never did any harm)

in other areas, i've begun to notice an increase in the endurance of peanut the wonder dog as she accompanies me on daily trike shake down rides--gotta get your heart pumpin' peanut, so you can defend us against marauding cats, squirrels and nasty mice with their mean, sharp, pointy teeth
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