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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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..but just had time for another quick coffee, having been duly admonished, i must attend to my updating now...

..so ..denying my hunger and posting of the day's activity thus far:

"in the early morning...sun...with a" sketchpad "in my hand," i went about drawing by the grapevines--but soon was overcome with the desire to play with my new "toy" cam--but using it outside in the wilds, would necessitate finishing a bracket to mount it on the pod--thus much of the early light faded but none the less i continued e-sktch

sketching quickly fell by the wayside and i now have some pix to fiddle with this afternoon

you can find more of my pix by hunting around here -- you'll also find a lot of really good work

now, i must go in search of nourishment...

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You didn't tell me you know how to sketch. I am impressed. :-)

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