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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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cim - link like this

i did this and it seemed to work:

typing along ... ladeeda ... and you want the kingly dear reader to jump to ________ (you type the following after jump to +A HREF="the address to jump to surrounded by quotes"*the text you would like to have at _________+/A* ((except in place of + use the left arrow and instead of * use the right arrow))

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yes, that works--what i don't know is how to put the rest of the text on another livejournal page. but i will figure it out! i will!

i found out how to do it, ed. from allen-sama's lj:

When you get to the point in your entry that you want to cut, you enter the following code:

Replace the words 'your text here' with any text you want -- that'll be the text of the link. This text will also not show up in the page to which the link goes.

Anything AFTER the bracket shows up only on the page to which the link goes. So if you wanted to say "Here's my story, check it out", you could put the words "check it out" in the code, and everything after that would only show up when you clicked on the link.

the code, which vanished, was : [lj-cut text="your text here"]

and of course it's supposed to use little carrots (<) and not brackets ([).


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