Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

circle game...

..while i was out wandering kinda aimlessly early this morning with p-nut the wonder dog, it was quite apparent to me by the chill of the air that the season's about to change--of course this wasn't a startling realization by any means, but it did suggest that it might be getting time beef up the costume just a bit--perhaps the days of barefoot and just shorts are coming to a close, once again--tomorrow i'll wear a t-shirt too--i know it'll warm up as the day goes on and i'll start to wonder how i could've felt so chilly earlier in the day, but i've had my warning

so, anyway, as i was wandering, trying to will away the goose bumps, i got to going over (in my head only, even the trees would not enjoy my singing) the words to joni's circle game

IMO one of the best performers and songs in the last 50 years

after a bit of spirited dog-keep-away with a variety of dog toys, i'd warmed up enough to sit in one place for a while and watch my little part of the world wake up again--i thought about the ages mentioned in the song 6, 16, and 20--i'm sure
i, and others, never thought about "growing older" when joni introduced the song--i wonder, if she penned a circle game now, the ages might be 16, 26 and 40

well, it matters not, the idea is the same

and wouldn't it be grand if everyone could look back at the end of the day and say, "i brought harm to no one and i did some good today"?--could we then realize that we're all part of the same circle game?
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