Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

purge day...

..it's always good to have purge day be the day the trash is collected--this way you're never tempted to go root around in the "unwanted, not needed" so recently deposited in the dumpster 'cause you just remembered why you had been saving that certain something (yup, happened today--but fortunately the collection had already been made--toooo bad)

my space is growing--now the wonder dog has a choice of places to flop down and enough room to circle 3 or 4 times checking for insects (or whatever dogs look for in their ritual getting ready to lie down dance)

i ran out to the store a while ago to get some emergency items, fruit (we were down to just a banana!), milk, bread, chocolate...you know, that kinda stuff--and as i often do, i left the house without my glasses, which is why i keep a spare pair in the glovebox--but unfortunately this extra pair was home on the dresser 'cause i'd unintentionally stuck 'em in my shirt pocket the last time i needed to use them...

so, here i am in the store trying to check out the fat grams on a label, no glasses, but having had experiences like this before, i resorted to the 3 finger pinhole method (squish thumb and first 2 finger tips together to form a tiny opening--pinhole--hold the pinhole up to one eye and move the offensively small print back and forth to get the proper focus...but i could feel eyes on me as i read 2.5 gms fat per serving, so i looked to my right and sure enough there was a pair of eyes sorta poking out of a head, the jaw of which had slipped down a notch or so while the eyes studied my actions--i said "pinhole" as if that explained it all, she smiled, kind of, and wandered off...
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