Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

great day!

..it's been my experience that, other life events being non-exceptional at the time, the weather does a lot in shaping my mental comfort level--OK! so this is not too profound----i can be quite comfortable in a variety of temperatures and accept extremes for short periods without getting all crotchity and miserable, i seldom wear a heavy coat in cold weather unless i plan to be outside for an extended period (i live and frolic mostly in the north east)--a lined flannel shirt as an extra layer suffices--in warm weather the uniform is shorts only, no shoes or socks, no shirt (unless i'm going to a resturant, etc)--so temp's not a real concern--high humidity however, can change my whole personality from easy-going-everything's-cool to get-the-fuck-outta-my-face--if eee-vo-lution favored a hot soupey environment, we might never have gotten out of the warm, gooey primordial swamp--a third component on my triptych mental comfort display is barometric pressure--i hardly ever (never?) hear the barometer reading given in weather reports these days--why has it sunk to black sheep status? temp and humidity are important in weather reports (of course, it is within the power of all but the truely mentally challenged to make a close enough guess, even) but barometric pressure--which can have a definite influence on comfort level (not to mention energy, creativity, general feeling of well being) has all but disappeared from consideration in "your daily weather update"

i have a wee (he-he) weather watcher in the breezeway outside my studio door--'twas not especially expensive, which fact is borne out by humidity readings ranging between 50 and 74, so it indicates relative humidity in a somewhat relative way (relative once removed?)--the barometer functions in a similar fashion, fluctuating only between 29.75 and 30.05, thus i only get an idea of whether it's high or low--the thermometer is pretty reliable (one out of three=pretty bad, huh?)

now, i've had this 'device with shortcomings' in place for a number of years--i glance at it with intention from time to time but generally, it's just part of the landscape--do i register it's readings subconsiously as i pass by with other thoughts occupying my mind? i strongly believe (no religious indication here) that high pressure days produce a sort of natural high and give me a great day--it occurred to me this morning (as i was enjoying the delicious weather and feeling the dew-wet grass on my toes) that "catbert" or some other evil hr director might attempt to control my days outlook by manipulating the barometer reading, by say, always making it read "low" and producing in me some s.a.d. or other debilitating illness (not paranoia, just musing :)

well, whatever, todays "local" readings are 71 deg F, 60% rh and 30.01 in -- i'm having just a fine, fine day--hope you are too
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