Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

maybe doesn't look like a lot...

..but for a looong time (3-5 years?) i've been telling myself, life would be more enjoyable if i did a flop-down type table contraption to mount my light table on a wall

it's not something i use every day--but when i need it, i don't want to have to dig for it in some storage space--so, i tend to keep it to hand, that is, on top of this or that, or pushed up against something else--as many of you can probably imagine, the towers and piles grow and whatever i need at the moment is usually on the bottom ('course i still have to guess which pile)

so anyway, the glue is drying on a wall mount support for the sometimes, but not frequently, used light table--when not in use, i will simply fold the hinged knee brace and flop! away it goes--for all intents, out of the way but still handy

oh yes! can you just see me or the occasional visitor whooshing across the floor on the roley chair and right into the glass of the folpped down light table--not to worry, the plan includes a protective cover which can also serve as more work surface when needed

now if i can just put casters on the file/taboret...

i think i've been overcome by a wave of organization
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