Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

be careful what you wish for...

..i was just getting used to neutral shades the lawn had adopted, now with the gift of rain, i have to crank up the old noisey lawn mower--maybe it's time to rethink the idea of "power lawn "mower

yeah! i think the cycle has just about reached the turn-around point, what with 1/4 acre (or less) suburban "homesteaders" bopping around on a john deere riding mower--time for the ad folks to start pushing for a "return to the simplicity of the old days when saturday morning would find dad and son (now dad and son/daughter) out pushing the new sears reel mower around the yard of their newly purchased starter home"--retro's big now, witness chrysler and vw--maybe the concept of raking could be reawakened and suburbia could lay silent the 70db leaf blowers, maybe even toss them on the truck carting off the compacted cars to recycling
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