Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

home again

good to be back in familiar surroundings again--p-nut's happy too, she was a bit off her feed on the trip

JD's moved to his new apt--quite nice, large, but 3rd floor again--up and down, up and down, one day in the rain--moving's no fun--'specially when he'd barely begun packing before renting the truck--kids!--good thing he had the g/f there to help too

AR's also in her new apt--was a little more organized helping her since she'd been working in france for the summer, her things were packed away in storage--we had some time to just hang out and catch up, even a photo op--hopefully some good shots--will get them out to be processed today

many things to catch up on today--funny how a few days out of town, things can start to back up--having again, forgotten to stop the daily paper, there was a soggy pile of "yesterday's news waiting for me on the step--i've been totally out of touch with world events while away, but i don't hear any bombs dropping and the water and electricity still are on so i guess things haven't quite gone to hell in a hand-basket yet
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