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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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what now...

..i seem to be putting off doing anything that hints of productivity, and i ask why--all i get is i dunno, guess it's hot

i got an email from ar last night--she returns from france next mon or tue, would i be able to pick her up at JFK and maybe come visit for a while, catch up on the summer...

well...mon i have to take ma and jl to BWI in the late afternoon--let's hope ar arrives tue! i 'spose i need to reply to her email and find out for sure

in other news--the chain prob is solved (for now) but the sol'n provided a new prob--small "engineering change" as they say--and today i need to get to work on a real seat that will serve a recumbent position--as i get closer to a test run on the road, i begin to think about the next generation--i've learned quite a bit!