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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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good ideas...

..i sometimes try to figure out what triggers a solution to a problem--what was out of the ordinary when a new idea presented itself--it seems (as others have noted) that transition times are often ripe with fresh ideas--like going from sleep to wake (seems like this could validate taking naps at work, "no boss, i wasn't just sleeping, i was working on a solution to the xxxxx account")

..late yesterday i was trying to come up with a solution to a chain derailing problem i was having on the trike project--i was working outside at my "dirty-work" bench and the sun had already slipped behind the trees and the horizon--it was getting darker by the minute when suddenly what seemed like a workable solution jumped up and bit me on the ass

anyway, now that it's again light outside, i can go see just how workable this solution really is

i didn't reflect on the process at the time, but in thinking about it this morning, i wondered if the transition from light to dark played any part in making connections in my mind