Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

back in NJ

..yup, new haven was new haven -- but, nonetheless we had a good dinner at an indian resturant -- JD was duly appreciative of the mirror -- we had time to hang out for a day -- aaand theeenn: he decided to drive home with us to see a close friend who (according to another friend) had just returned suddenly from a trip round and about europe with his g/f -- something not so good is in the wind -- so, here we all are in the garden state ('cept for the wandering daughter who had to be dropped at g/f's house to join group going to DC for some confab dubbed Ladyfest (i think) -- kids...like jack (and jill) in the box, now ya see em, now ya don't -- but it's always nice to have time with em even when they just blow by on a gentle breeze...

the garden, as expected, was dry as a bone -- poor waif-like plants about to exhale their last gasping CO2 (how the hell do ya subscript--never mind, i don't really want to know), pleading with sorrowful limp leaves for "a drop of moisture, please master, just a drop...or 2" -- sad, the life of captive vegetation, not unlike animals in a cage...
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