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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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..a taste of fall...sooo nice at the front end of august!
out giving the growies a drink earlier, my naked toes even felt a bit chilly</>--the air temp was in the 50's (F)--i love that little snap, and so do the bok choi, carrots, broccoli and 2nd pea crop

but, not to be lulled into complacency, this is of course, a mere tease by the fates--the rest of aug and sept with the associated sharp-pointy-dull-brown grass stumps poking and needling the soft underbellies of bare feet is very much still in the wings (irregardless of the debate over scorched-earth global warming vs another mini ice age)

ahhh, but weather be damned--life goes on (except maybe for the rooted life forms that have yet to evolve to the point where they can turn on the faucet or fetch their own water)--with the able assistance of both son and daughter, the grapevines have been bird and squirrel protected with netting (i know, i know, it just gives them a challenge, they'll still take their share, but maybe, just maybe they'll leave a few for those who plant and tend)

the final finish coat is on the mirror frame--i've been putting off cutting the mirror glass to fit, but the day is at hand! JD's b-d is tomorrow--i can wait another few hours while i rub down the finish with paste wax and steel wool--i have a new glass cutter...should be a snap (oh yes! the weather bodes well)...score, snap, score, snap...etc...