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..monday, fresh week...i tore down my web site last week seeing utter demolition as the only sure way that i would get updating to the top of the "things to accomplish" list--well, it's been up there on top for several days now and not much is getting done--there are so many "do me now" things that push and nudge there way to the top of the pile...and this weekend, the "i'm gonna stay in new haven to work this summer" son came down for a visit so our catching-up and noodling around on each others' current projects rose to the top of the pile and other things got put on hold (first things first)--then last night after he left, and i got back to the 'puter, i wound up reading some excellent work by enchanteresse, that got me to thinking about some on-going (on hold) writing projects, and then, and then--and so life goes...but i think i really like life this way: many irons in the creativity fire with the freedom to pull out and forge away on the one that's hottest at a given time...

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    pic didn't go with post... such is life. here it is

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