Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

...in the good ol' summertime...

today was one of those days when there's little doubt that it is indeed summer--it was another AC day, and they don't happen too often, what with the price of tea and all--but even on the dog days, there are still some things that must be done outside--and the weather person is no doubt going on about pollution levels, and air quality, and ozone reading, and the temp/humidity index and yada yada, but i don't listen: i don't accept that i "should stay indoors if at all possible" just 'cause the radio says so--i've been figuring it out for myself all these years just fine, thank you--but i did feel sorry for the poor pooch and gave her a good "trim around the ears" and then some--she didn't smile, but i think she's happier--i know i feel better

my squash are continuing the get-scuzzy-looking-and-die syndrome--neighbor across the back fence (who grows a few tiny little things up close to his house so i can't see what's going on) says, "maybe you water too much, they don't like wet feet, ya know"--maybe he's right--all i know for sure is i'm down from 4 types of squash to just zuchinni--and they don't look real happy--a bit like a poodle that's been clipped short and hosed off--hmmmm...
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