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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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sleep cycle

..i feel kinda sleep deprived and groggy this morning ...perhaps i got up at the wrong point in my sleep cycle -- it's been told to me, by one who should know about such things, that we sleep in (approximately) 4 hour cycles and if we wake during one of this periods, our body says, "tsk, tsk, not time to wake up yet--1 hour and 40 mins -- you need to go back to sleep!"

so...this guy's a psych-doc, always quick to point out, "the literature says...") -- but i'm not quite convinced on this topic yet -- i think, perhaps, i should return to the land of W, B, and N for a bit of anecdotal evidence...

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psych 101 flashback!!! yep, i've heard the same thing about the sleep cycle. i think it's crazy-talk though, 'coz i rarely sleep for more than 4 hours. go figure.

a little more is a dangerous thing...

..as i get it: 4 hours is just ducky if your body is happy with 4, but if you wake up in 6 hours, whoa, look out grogsville 'cause you didn't get to finish the 2nd 4 hr cycle--gotta keep going till you get 8 (or 12 or 16 or...)

the whole idea seems a bit far-fetched to me but what the hell do i know? maybe i should to a bit of research :) -- i'll letcha know...

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