Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

some days...

things just go right and when ya sit down afterward and look back, you realize it

i've been putting off pouring a reinforced concrete cap for the new kiln for....oh, maybe 3 or 5 months now--i've had the bags of pre-mix and wood for the formwork for at least 6 weeks--and the thing is, i really wanted to get the job done so i can get back to playing around with clay again--why didn't i--well, i see it as: waiting for the right time and last weekend i began the formwork and this AM, being overcast and coolish proved to be the right time to finish up the form and rebars, mix the concrete and be done with it! hooray!

now i just have to wait a day or 2 to pull the forms and see how good of a job i did ramming the concrete in--hopefully with no voids -- then about a month to cure -- then test fire!
i do not want to see any nasty cracking!!
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