Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

..so, working in the hot sun got to be old after a while and i thought to myself: this might be an excellent time to visit the (air-conditioned) library--so there i was with no direction, nothing to research, just sorta surfing the aisles

so many times, quite unexpectedly, a book will draw attention to itself in some way, maybe jiggle itself out a bit beyond it's fellow shelf inhabitants, or become suddenly brighter (or duller) than it's companions--the fates have presented me with countless new ideas and authors through just such a contrivance--and today they were seemingly at work again: but on arriving home and beginning to read my new selection, it seemed somewhat familiar--not enough that i'm able to predict what's going to happen--but like...maybe i've read a book very like it before--i don't know where this is leading either, so i might as well return to the book...
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