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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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back to the daily life

I'm pretty much back into the routine of daily life after the wonderful break in Aruba. Daily exercise is back on schedule and all the bits that make up day to day life (cooking, cleaning, trash out, etc) are moving along as they should. The shortfall seems to be in the creative and extra things area. I did manage to start work on a W/C piece on the paper I stretched weeks and weeks ago. I also did a bit of work on renovation in the laundry area of the basement. Have not done much leisure reading, it's been a task to just keep up with the various magazines that keep arriving in the mailbox. We have gone out to eat several times and caught a movie but somehow time has seemed to flow on by without too much to show for it. Maybe it's just the blahs, waiting for some Spring weather. Writing is another activity which has fallen by the wayside. Although I've managed a post or two on FB, as you regular readers know, LJ has been pretty neglected. As far as my fiction writing goes... pffft! nada. So, yeah, I guess I need to get my ass back into gear.