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It was such an enjoyable, relaxing Thanksgiving Day for us. I spent the morning doing a bit more work on the basement renovation. In the afternoon some relatives arrived with the turkey, veggies, pies... lots of good stuff. We supplied the rest and a fat time was had by all. What a cool way to celebrate a holiday... I mean wow! the turkey just flapping it's way in with no muss, no fuss.

In order that I not be too overwhelmed with happiness, the weather, which was quite pleasant for the holiday yesterday, has turned rainy/snotty today. Some folks, I'm sure, are out battling crowds for bargains on this "black Friday" sales day (the day when businesses hope to change the red ink in their ledgers to black by offering super sales... for those of you not acquainted with this quirky US custom). Me? I'm staying tucked in where it's nice and warm and dry; maybe a bit of carpentry in the basement.

Now that the American turkey has flown, I guess it's full speed ahead into the holly, jolly Christmas season. I've noticed some O/L friends talking of putting up a tree already. Seems a bit premature to me but then so did Christmas sales before Halloween. But what do I know and who am I to deny the entrepreneur a chance to expand his "best selling season" of the year a few more weeks? Does more time to buy really lead to more buying actually being done? Apparently it does or why would such silliness continue year after year?

I've digressed a little from the subject of food, so allow me to return. I've had a nice breakfast of eggs and toast but I'm thinking a slice of left over from yesterday apple pie is not that different than a breakfast pastery... so why not? I'm off to pie and coffee. Seeya later. ;-)
Tags: carpentry, food, holidays

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