Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

snow, masonry repair

Good morning! and it's snowing, coming down fairly heavily but since the thermometer reports 34F, I'm not afraid and wishing I'd gone to buy a load of groceries. Not supposed to amount to too much but it is definitely becoming a layer on the ground, roofs, and cars... so who knows. I'm warm and toasty inside and I actually finished the one outside job I'd been putting off for EVER. An unsightly crack had been developing over the years in the brick wall of the garage. Someone had patched it once but either not well or nature has been winning the battle for dominance. Yesterday, while the sun was blissfully shining, I cleaned out the old patching mortar and filled the space with quick setting mortar. Ta-da! So now we'll see how the battle goes as cold weather then warm spring days attempt to undo my repair work. Work on the basement project continues at my slow, modest pace. It's coming along nicely and I'm pleased with how things are working out. I say this because, although I had a general plan in mind, the details are being worked out as I go. Not always the best way to do things but as I said, it's working out. :-) In other news, Wendy's lymphoma which was diagnosed a few weeks ago while investigating for another (less serious) ailment, has been shown in the PET scan to be quite widespread. It is, however, without any accompanying symptoms; her blood work is normal, no night sweats, no serious fatigue, yada, yada, the things which go along with the disease. The complete diagnosis is 'low grade, follicular, type B, non-Hodgkin lymphoma' (or words to that effect). So the oncologist says, "no treatment recommended" at this point. Watch and see. Could be worse, but OTOH, it's kinda like waiting for the other shoe to fall. Life goes on, day by day.

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