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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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It is a dark and stormy morning...

Yup, the heavy and dark gray clouds are roiling across the sky blown by high winds while the low winds whip some old TV cable wires against the house.

Amid all the outside noise this morning, while I was doing my 10 minutes of stair climbing exercise, came the loud crash of dishes(?) crashing. Did I mention that our two cats have their own small glass of water on a kitchen windowsill over the sink? Well, they do -- they prefer to drink from the glass (and yes, it is glass glass, not a more sensible plastic cup), shunning the more sensible bowl of water next to their food bowls on the floor. Cats... who can say why? I forgetfully left open a cabinet door which partly blocks the preferred cat landing spot on the windowsill, making the leap from the counter top (yup, our cats walk about wherever they please) a bit complicated. Willow thought, apparently, she was up to the challenge but alas, she was not. Down came the glass along with Willow, bumping into several other items on the counter and causing the mind jarring crash noise. Startling to cat and man alike but no real harm done... well... Willow is still licking and trying to dry her fur, but the glass didn't break. :-) And so starts another day.

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Haha, cats can be so klutzy. Mine is allowed to walk wherever too, though; counter-tops, table, it doesn't bother me.

Cats... who can say why?

It's because the water bowl is next to the food bowls. Cats, for some reason, don't see it as water then, but as this tasteless substance standing beside the food, and so don't drink from that bowl. If you put the water bowl clear across the room, away from the food bowls, I'd bet they'll drink from it.

Hmmm interesting idea... different locations, have to give that a try.

Never a dull moment when a kitty cat is around .. at least there was no glass breakage :)

Angela, I don't know if the cat somehow heard you but she went through her antics again this afternoon while Wendy was fixing some lunch... same glass went flying and this time DID break. Maybe plastic is the way to go from now on.

At least it was during the day... Something like that would be incredibly jarring under the cover of nightime's darkness!

Yeah, no kidding! Things that go crash in the night are much more disconcerting.

Cats are so great. I agree...who can say why they do what they want? I have never been without cats up until this current point in life...my husband is allergic to them. I am trying to talk him into getting a hairless cat because they don't have the same allergy causing fur issues...but maybe later.

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