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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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Finally getting things underway on the basement reconfigure project.

This is a nook for a fridge with storage above and more storage behind.

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Yup, handy's my middle name; all that's usually been lacking is time and money. :-) -- Now it's more just lack of money.

Oh exciting! I love home-reno projects .. looking forward to more pictures and more information :)

More to come, Angela, it'll be an ongoing winter project. :-)

A basement? What's that? I'm from Florida, you know. :)

Looks like an exciting project! What's the end goal, a man-cave or general hangout space, or..?

Main goal is to wall off the dusty (wood-working, etc.) area and have some "walk in type" storage spaces with adequate shelving for all the "crap" that has accumulated. Also redo the laundry area with some hanging storage and possibly a work/folding table. More ideas will come to me... it's absolutely a work in progress, as time, energy, money, and motivation allow. A winter "what should I do today" type project. :-)

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