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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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Camera fiddlin'

I've been thinking about trying some unusual combinations.

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I love this! Looks like cacti in bloom...

Hah! you're right, Lola. I never thought of that. :-)

That is a fun picture! We used to grow marigolds when we lived in Missouri. My mom always planted them. I'm not sure if she really liked them or if they are just easy to grow!

Oh! they're easy to grow, and there's such a variety. Fun to see what comes up from saved seeds.

THat's really cool .. I like it!

Thanks, Algela. Every once in a while a silly idea pops into my head. :-)

That's both fun and beautiful, I really like it. :)

Thanks, I have some other ideas that I need to "get around to." :-)

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