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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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I seem to be rushing all the time lately. Right now I should be having breakfast so I can rush out the door. But first... here's the completed frame floating around the triptych from a few months ago. I think the project looks more "complete" with the frame.

Gotta run. Hope to be more prolific at another time. LOL

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I love it with the frame!

Thanks, Miki, yeah, I lived with the 3 panels for a while and came to the conclusion something else was needed... like a frame. :-)

Is it your painting? It looks great!

By the way, birch is a national Russian tree :)

Yes, I did the triptych painting a couple of months ago and have had it hanging since then. Got to thinking a frame around the project would improve the overall appearance and I think I was correct. Others seem to agree... so all is well. :-)

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