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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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whale watching


It was cloudy at first, then cleared, then clouded up again just before the full eclipse. Anyway... here's a few shots with my wee little Canon pocket camera.

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I was sure we'd miss the eclipse completely. It had been overcast all day and rain was forecast for the next day. It was a stroke of luck to have the sky clear up completely for several hours.

Sounds like the same kind of weather happening. :-)

Great that you got to see it! We tried, but we had an evening thunderstorm and the clouds lingered to block the view. This was me:

The last one is really cool looking! We had a pretty decent view from the street in front of our house but we didn't get any good pictures because there was a nearby street lamp that was affecting how they turned out. I guess it messed the light up in the photos or something? I'm not sure, I'm certainly no photographer!

The photos look great! I wish I was able to see the eclipse, too but here I think it was impossible. It's wonderful that you had such a brilliant opportunity to take a photo of it :)

It's always interesting to have the opportunity to observe natural phenomena.

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