Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

It's Sunday

You may or may not recall that last Sunday I was considering (yes, even dreaming of) a change of menu for the Sunday breakfast I usually prepare. Egg and cheese sandwiches on an English muffin had worn out their welcome in my book. All week (including a trip to the grocer) I've been looking forward to a pancake and sausage treat for today's gastronomic adventure. Ta da! It has come to pass. Wendy greeted the morning announcement with a shrugging "I'd rather have French toast." Well, you go right ahead and fix yourself French toast, if you like! She was willing to scarf down her share of pancakes and sausage, I must say. And then... she allowed our two cats to get involved in the morning shenanigans. Jax, as evidenced here was willing to eat and even nibble at a pancake:

whereas Willow was willing to join in the fun and wear a pancake as a hat. She's older and has put up with our silliness for a longer time.

In spite of the egregious misuse of a pancake, the breakfast was a welcome change of pace from the weeks of Sunday morning egg and cheese sandwiches. Stay tuned for where gastronomic train will stop next week. ;-)
Tags: breakfast, cats, eggs, pancakes, sausage, sunday

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