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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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whale watching

back to normal

Well, back to Michigan and I guess that's normal for us.
Here's another pic from Cheyton's birthday blast. Now he can pretend he's at the FAO Schwarz whenever he wants. :-)

He still, however, would rather play with all his construction equipment out in the dirt (he has a special construction area in the yard).

We had a good time visiting. My sister and her husband, their daughter with son, my son and his girlfriend, and my ex all made an appearance. So... yeah, we got to have some good ol' adult time as well as playing at the kid's party.

Weather was excellent, warm in the daytime and cooler for sleeping at night. Had fires in the pit in the backyard, not for warmth but just for the joy of a fire and once to barbecue some steak and kabobs. Good times, good eats. Sunday morning was brunch time at a rather elegant (judging by the prices) restaurant. The food WAS good with complimentary beverages including a mimosa for the adults (though I passed on that). We were able to obtain a table on the patio overlooking a small pond, so that was an added bonus being as how this is a rather popular place for brunch on a Sunday morn.

Drove back to MI on Tuesday with some road construction (of course) along the way, plus about a half hour's worth of torrential rain storm in Ohio. All in all travel wasn't too bad, a total of 12 hours including several stops for gas and food.

Managed to get the lawn cut yesterday as well as getting caught up on laundry. Today it's off to a doctor visit for Wendy then who knows what. Yup things back to normal.

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Sounds like a nice trip indeed! You can't beat a good fire, no matter the weather. :)

FAO Schwarz.. I am sad to miss out on that for our upcoming NYC trip, FAO closed up shop there in July. :( There's still the flagship Toys'R'Us store at Times Square, but apparently that's closing next year too. Bummer for the kids!

Yeah, it's a shame about FAO closing up. I remember the fun of wandering around the store... and as an adult, not a kid. :-) ToysRUs is where I got the piano.

spending time w the grandchild is always da bomb!

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