Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

it toys with me...

..it does, sure as shit it does--after first worming it's way into my life, sitting and purring like a loveable kitten (cim, cimness did you feed the cat?), then without warning, this devil's handmaid of a computer seems to exhibit the most monsterous of of nasty intention--it lulls me into a sense of false security and contentment, doing as i bid for days, weeks, or months at a time--then WHACK!, in the blink of an LED, it withdraws it's service and sleeps, occasionally showing it's dream patterns on the screen--and i, like some humble supplicant must devote hours (days even!)to it's care and feeding, in an attempt to nurse it back to healthful operation--and this is how i spent a good part of yesterday--and i'm pissed, but i dare not show my emotional upset to the evil handmaid--i merely accept it's proffered service with a smile...

but i'm a bit on edge now...wondering, not if, but when and how it will next cry out for my devoted care...there, there, nice computer...
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