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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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whale watching

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There hasn't been a whole lot of interesting happenings going on, not even any serendipitous events. There was one nice reconnecting with an old friend I hadn't seen in some time at a gathering the other night. That's always nice. Things are reportedly going well with her in a new job but not so much the area in which she has to work (Detroit).

Attended a christening ceremony followed by a nice luncheon yesterday. I was delighted to not have any untoward occurrences (like lightening strikes :-) ) as I walked into the church. Well, ya never know! The priest who performed the ceremony is a family friend and serves as the godfather as well, the godmother being Wendy. Now if that isn't an interesting twist on this life's adventure!

My grandson's 3rd birthday is next weekend and we are heading to New Jersey to help celebrate the event. We do not get to travel as often now with Wendy's mom needing someone around to help her. Part of the time we're gone will be covered by Wendy's sister and the rest by hired help. Certainly adds to the expense of a trip, but what can ya do? Hoping my son and his GF come down for the event as well, making it a minor family reunion.

We did some shopping today while a friend was over playing cards/visiting with "the grandma." One of the items purchased was a new wheel barrow to finally replace the rusting hulk I've been using, wondering when it might just collapse in a sad uncompromising heap. Nice to have good tools. Another purchase was a raceway which will need to be painted to match the wall. When we redid the living room and mounted the flat-screen TV on the wall, I put in a raceway to cover the wires going to the various electronics on a shelf below. All neat and professional looking... except for one cable which would not fit. Hence the need for a 2nd raceway. For some 6 months (maybe more) I've been looking at this nasty black coax cable dangling from the TV and disappearing behind the e-shlef. I may or may not get the cover installed before our trip but at least I have it on hand now for when the spirit moves. What's another week or two?

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Your upcoming trip is going to be filled with so much goodness! I'm glad you guys were able to get W's mom he help she needs so you could get away and share your grandson's birthday.

Yeah, thanks, Lola. It's been a while since we've had a chance to escape by ourselves.

I bet the birthday party will be fun-3 is such a great age!!

Your cable and cable hiding situation made me think back a couple of nights when I was trying to carefully wind up cords and camouflage them in behind our TV stand. Tricky little guys, those cords! Your setup sounds nice!

Thanks, we're really looking forward to seeing some of the family again.

Yeah, with the raceway painted wall color, it's visible but not obvious and eye catching like a bunch of curly black cables hanging down. :-)

Well I am glad to hear there were no lightning strikes or claps of thunder as you entered the church!

Your upcoming trip sounds like it will give you a nice chance to get away together.

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