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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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whale watching


Only the middle of August and already the garden is starting to die down. Global warming? Inattentive gardener? Just the way it's s'posed to be? :-)


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What kind of tomatoes are those? We used to grow Roma tomatoes and they look sort of like that, but a little different too. I think Roma is the right spelling....

You're right, Carrie, they are Romas and the ones on the right are grape tomatoes, they grow in clusters, though it doesn't show too well here.

Yep-when my family moved to Arizona we started growing Roma tomatoes... when we lived in Missouri we only grew the big round ones. I remember as a kid my sister was absolutely terrified to pick tomatoes because the big black spiders would lurk inside the tomato plants. I was not afraid of that, but I was afraid of gathering the chicken eggs because the rooster would try to chase me until I could somehow shoo him away to lock the door. hahahah- childhood scars? hahahah

Thanks, Lin, I enjoy playing in the dirt. :-)

Looks brilliantly productive to me!

Thanks, it has been, Lola, but things are starting to come to the end of their season.

It's a helluva lot more bountiful than our garden. I thought things would grow great here in Hawaii, but the tomato plants have produced 2 tomatoes from 4 plants. The okra is going crazy, tho. I may just rip everything out and plant okra when I get back.

Too bad about the tomatoes but okra?? I can't imagine growing tons of okra. LOL 'course to each her own. :-)

Mmm. I love okra. Okra and tomatoes go fabulously together!

Edited at 2015-08-19 02:18 am (UTC)

Can't remember the last time I had okra, probably years and years ago when I was in the South. I think of it as kinda slimy but I could be wrong... it has been a long time. :-)

It's used a lot in Indian cooking, and of course in Southern dishes. Smothered "okry" is to die for!!! If it's gooey, it means the cook doesn't know how to prepare it.

Your tomato plants are much more prolific than ours. And so red! We're trying a container garden on the patio this year. I like the convenience of having it right by the kitchen door, but the harvest is very small.

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