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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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whale watching

Dream Cruise

Went to Detroit's Woodward Avenue Dream Cruise today. If you're not familiar, it's a day when classic car collectors from all over converge on the Detroit area to show off their own and check out others. I snapped a few pix with my phone, thought I'd gotten more but out in the bright sun, I couldn't really see what image I was getting. These don't give much of an idea of the truly great variety of cars that one could see driving on the street and parked in various lots. Weather was perfect for the day.

While there we had some food at Billy Sims Barbecue. It's one of a collection of BBQ restaurants started by Billy Sims, a former professional football player. Billy was there for the day and Wendy got to do an interview with him for an article she'll be publishing in an online magazine she works for.

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Looks like fun! In the top picture, the purple (or is it dark blue) car is very pretty!

As I recall it was only "bluish" -- definitely had some red in it.

Wow, those cars look incredible! I love old- fashioned cars, especially Volkswagens, such as these :

I took this photo a year ago in the UK, there was something similar over there, the exhibition of old cars.

One of my friends in college had a VW bus. Had great times traveling across country in it. (except when it broke down :-) )

Looks like a lovely day! Classic cars are great.


My very first car was a '47 Dodge coupe. Would be nice to still have it. :-)

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