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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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I don't usually worry too much about time and when I get things done. I can always "reschedule." But timing can be so crucial on some occasions. We're scheduled to have some new chairs delivered today. Part of the plan was to dispose of a big ugly recliner. So to myself I said last night, I'll put it out for collection in the morning, since Tuesday is trash collection day. AND they never come before 8AM. Today they did. Must have reversed their route or something. I dragged the beast out only to see an empty trash bin and hear the truck rumbling off somewhere in the distance. Must have missed them by maybe 5 minutes. Sigh. I dragged the chair into the garage where it can live out of the rain for a week till next collection day. I will put it out the night before. I don't care if it gets saturated with rain. Bah!

The rest of the day can now proceed at it's own pace.

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Do they take away your big trash at any time so long as you put it by the trash bin? Our neighborhood only has bulky trash pick up once every quarter. I can never remember when it is, but I'm always reminded by my neighbors, because there are usually a bunch of old couches piled up on the sidewalks, and some toilets, and shelves and bits of things. Not to hard to figure out what is going on when you see all that!

Fortunately, they seem to take large items whenever. I guess it has to be not too bulky or heavy. I don't really know what the limitations are but I've seen sofas out at various times.

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