Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

another week

Hard to believe it's been a whole week since I've added anything to this journal. You'd think I had a million things to do. This was not the case. As some of you know I have been keeping up with your postings and making an occasional comment. Thinking back over the time since last Sunday, it's been pretty mundane... the usual keeping up with daily stuff, grocery store, laundry, reading...

I did manage to get a few more framing pieces added to the basement renovation project. At this rate I should finish in about 10 years. :-) The piece of w/c paper I taped to a board last week still awaits inspiration... maybe this week?

Wendy went to a fund raising event for one of the local animal shelters. She came home with a couple of winnings, one of which is a new floor lamp. It's a modern design, round and heavy marble base with a curved chrome arm from which hangs a spherical metal globe (open for the bottom 1/4). Nice design but the problem now is, where in the hell will we place it? Oh well, it'll sort itself out sooner or later. At least she didn't bring home another cat... 2 is enough for us. :-)

The crape myrtle in the NE corner of our lot is blooming. Not prolific yet, but it's only a couple of years old. Maybe 4 years??

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