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a day without focus

I find myself with absolutely no plan for the day. That's not quite true, I do plan on meeting with some friends this evening. Other than that, the day is going to unfold as it wants. I spent about an hour before breakfast reading in the shade outside, a few minutes of gratitude and appreciation for the life around me prior to the read. Now that I and the cats have been fed this beautiful blue sky, low humidity day spreads before me with nothing demanding to be done or even calling to me in a Sirens voice, "come, let's do this." Sometimes following the Sirens Sound leads to a rocky shore. :-) This is not to say I can't come up with a list of "things to do," but there's no inspirational message telling me how to best use this day. I'm just going to let it happen and maybe I'll share how that goes. You out there, have a good or better yet a great one.
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