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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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whale watching

this & that

Seems like I must have been quite busy lately but with what I have to show for it, that's obviously not true. :-) Did get some more work done on the project to divide the basement into areas for different activities. I want to close off the woodworking area from everything else to prevent dust from settling everywhere. Also need to build some storage areas, maybe something like walk in closet?? Anyway, there's no hurry, it's a project I work on when I feel like it.

Have been out to eat a couple of times, once with a friend from out of town. Took her to the scone place where we had not only delicious scones, but terrific quiche and salads as well.

Yesterday was "errand" day. Returned some pocket tee shirts which turned out to be too small. I'm always surprised when sizes vary so much from one manufacturer to another. You'd think I would have learned the lesson by now. So it's back to the store where I'm confident the size as marked will fit (unless they've changed supplier).

Worked in time for a movie yesterday as well. Saw "Trainwreck," a new comedy. A little poignant in some ways but brought a few good laughs. I'd give it 3 stars out of 5. OK but surely not approaching great.

We have a decrease in the amount of rainfall we had been getting so I find myself watering the garden and flower beds pretty regularly. The lawn has to take care of itself so it's growth has slowed down quite a lot but is still mostly green. Did get a quick thunderstorm yesterday which helped.

That's about all the news that's "fit to print." :-)

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as an aside: don'tcha love being busy? it always makes me feel so healthy & happy ♥

Lots of my coworkers order clothes online from various websites. I've only done that once or twice for the same reason that you had to return the shirts---everything is sized differently depending on where you buy it!

I am happy when I'm busy doing things, Juju. Well... except things that I dislike doing. :-)

I think I've learned my lesson, Carrie.

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