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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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whale watching


I enjoy just sitting and listening to and watching the critters that frequent the yard, and enjoying the fruits of my garden tending. I stir the dirt in Spring, throw in a few seeds and the forces of nature and the universe take over and produce all these lovely images for me to meditate on. Cool how things work out.

A neighbor lady popped out with her cat to break the solitude but she didn't stay long. Then it was back to just me and the growies, two squirrels, and some bees. Ahhhh what a peaceful way to start the day. The sun was already so strong I had to park m'self in the shade.

Now I have to start getting myself ready to go to a class reunion with Wendy. This will be the third reunion I've attended with her and have never gone to (or wanted to go to) one of my own. I go 'cause she wants to. In fact this year she was quite active on the committee getting everything together for the bash. I was pressed into service with a bit of help on some signage. That's OK, I have the tools and the know how so it wasn't any big deal... and that's what partners are for, right?

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I hope you have a fun time at the reunion! I am like you...I've never gone to or had any desire to go to my class reunions. The people who I cared enough about to stay in touch with, I already do! I don't need to go to a reunion to chat with people who I didn't stay in touch with anyway, or who I never liked to start with! Hahha!

The reunion was OK, food was fine, the MC was a bit long winded. I didn't win a door prize :-( There were a few folks there I had met before so had people to talk with. I wasn't encouraged by the event to possibly go to one of mine. LOL

Right, that's what partners do. Good on you!

Sounds like a lovely Sunday morning.

I love the way you've described your morning! I wish I lived in a house with a garden somewhere far away from  big cities, where I could enjoy the morning sun and watching animals. That sounds wonderful! :)

One of the best ways to start your day is with meditation and nature! I do love being still and watching all the little animal families go about their day. It's hard to pull myself away to do what I have to do most times! And people say they get stuck watching TV...

What are growies? Something to do with your garden?

To me growies is just another word for plants. They grow and I watch. LOL

Ha ha! I figured but wanted to be sure. :-)

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