Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

I know I have been absent from here for about a week... just doing life, I guess.

Had a nice evening bike ride with a friend a few days ago. She is due to take the road exam for her motorcycle endorsement to the driver's license on Friday. Maybe we can get in another ride Thursday for some more practice. Stopped along the way for some frozen yogurt. :-)

The garden is producing well now with tomatoes, squash (zucchini), broccoli (although that's petering out), snow peas (also coming to an end) -- still no peppers or cucumbers yet. Most of the flower beds are blooming. It's been a good season for growing so far, with adequate rain and sunshine. I put on swim trunks the other day and baked in the sun for about an hour. It was quite nice, not like being at the beach but still comfortable. No sunburn!!

Have to take Wendy to a doctor appointment today for checkup on what might be causing recurring back and side pains. The pains can be soothed with a heating pad, but it would be nice to get to the root cause and perhaps take care of whatever the issue is.

Met up with some of Wendy's family for birthday celebrations for one of her sons and ME at a local Italian restaurant last Saturday, Good time for all. One of the best places for pizza in the area. We also had delicious anti pasta salad. Birthdays... just numbers to me anymore. As long as I wake up each day and can still do the things I want to, that's all age is going to be for me. The end will come some day for us all but might as well enjoy the ride for as long as we can.

No new pictures for this entry -- maybe next time.
Tags: age, bike, birthday, restaurant

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