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A friend, Joan, got me thinking this AM with the following:

1. Go to Imagination Prompt Generator (http://www.creativity-portal.com/prompts/imagination.prompt.html)
2. Get five prompts and answer them!

... and if you knew me well, you'd have to say, hmm what an interesting collection of prompts for you. :-)

1. What do you believe in?
Somehow it all works; I just don't know how or why.

2. Is there a God?
God is man's creation (see #1).

3. What is the greatest lesson you've learned so far in your life?
Acceptance. Given what came before, the result could not have been different.

4. If I could undo one event from this past week...
Using the penicillin tabs the dentist prescribed following minor gum surgery.
It just f@#ked up my digestive system.

5. I want to become friends with...
Interesting people who are grounded in knowing the difference between what they
can change and what they just have to accept.
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