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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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a delicious day

In my "Book of times where it doesn't get much better," I've just added a new page. I was sitting and reading ("The Secret-Keeper" by Chris Zimmerman, a MI author BTW), out in the yard right next to some raspberry bushes. The temp was delightful, slight breeze, no disturbing noise... and if I should be a bit thirsty? delicious juicy berries right there... within easy reach. Hungry? same deal. Yeah, in that time and place... could it get any better? OK, maybe, but for me, that was good enough.


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Have you ever read Steve Hamilton? He has a series based in the UP, and his books inspired us to do a vacation in MI a few years ago. We even stayed in Paradise, the home of his protagonist.

No I haven't, thanks for the tip. I smell a trip to the library coming soon. :-)

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