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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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whale watching

Good day

Up fairly early with some nice quiet time... just me and the cats. I like the early times! Managed to do some cultivating and fertilizer spreading in the flower beds. Then spent some rewarding time watering and watching the growies grow. LOL Good times. :-)

Later fixed some breakfast for W and her mom when they finally got up. Guess this has gotten to be a Sunday morning ritual... me fixing breakfast, that is.

Afternoon was the awaited bike time with a friend. She rides her own bike now instead of on back but it's still nice to have her along. And there's the stop along the way places to get a chance to talk and catch up. Grab a bite to eat. Spent a long time watching the ducks and swans... and boats at a marina, while solving the world's problems. Ha!

On finally returning to her place, a friend of hers had stopped over and we got to talking bikes. The new friend used to ride but doesn't currently have a bike and seemed quite interested in being a ride-a-long with me when we can get together on a time. How cool is that? A new friend to go riding with.

Like I said: it was a good day.

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Seems like you've had a really lovely Sunday!
I also love early times, when it's quiet and you can enjoy the beauty of the morning on your own -:)

Yes, thank you, it was a good time. I do try to appreciate each day for whatever comes... hopefully more good than bad. :-) -- Guess you're on your way to Bulgaria by now... enjoy!

I'm glad to hear it was a good day :)


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