Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

Early Saturday

For some reason I found myself awake quite early again today and finally rolled out of bed at 6AM. This put me shaved, showered and outside enjoying the cool, early sun along with the growies and bird sounds. I also got in a little reading. The pic below is of Easter Lillis which have just started blooming. Being that today is the 4th of July (a day for boom boom sounds, and celebrating with picnics and trips to the beach or mountains or wherever here in the USA) and not Easter, one might wonder why the flowers are referred to as Easter Lillis. I'm guessing that in their native habitat, wherever that may be, they do indeed tend to bloom around Easter. I haven't researched this, so it's just a guess. The ones we have growing in the yard came to us over the years as Easter gift plants which I guess were forced in a greenhouse to bloom at that time. Here, out in the wild, so to speak, they seem to prefer the 4th of July as their time to burst forth (on the fourth, haha).
EasterLily 7 4 15 SM

We will not be going anywhere for the holiday, just hanging around the house with the occasional sounds of fireworks going off in the distance. Some enterprising neighbors (one might say annoying) began test firings a couple days ago. Oh well, not really a big deal, except for our cats who are not too fond of the booming sounds. Many of the towns in the area present public fireworks displays, so those interested in seeing/hearing have ample opportunities to go watch/listen. Detroit had their big display in coordination with Canada last weekend on the river between the 2 countries. This is a yearly affair as Canada Day, being July 1, is so close to the 4th. It's always a dramatic display with musical accompaniment. We watched it on TV. Habits like this (watching on TV) could make me start to feel old... if I let them. ;-)

I do have a motorcycle ride planned with a friend for tomorrow, Sunday, and the weather promises to be very nice. No destination in mind, we'll just have to see what direction the bikes want to go. LOL
Tags: bikes, early rising, fireworks, july 4th

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