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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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off to see the wizard...

In this case the wizard happens to be an oral surgeon. But that's OK, he does great work. In today's case, it's continuing work on an implant. The bone graft and actual anchor piece was placed months and months ago (after healing from the tooth extraction). The process from yanking the old tooth to actual placing of the new porcelain coated masterpiece takes somewhere around 10 to 12 months. This is a pretty long time to be left with a gap in the dental lineup. It is, however, a rear molar and therefore doesn't show as a gaping empty spot in my smile. :-) Today, he opens the gum and places the support for the new tooth into the previously placed anchor in the bone. A few stitches to the gum around the support and I'm on my way. Then in a few weeks my regular dentist will have a new tooth prepared and cemented in place. Ta da! No more empty space, and it's only taken about a year (not to mention the big bucks which my insurance does NOT cover).

I was up and out of bed before 6 this morning. A bit unusual for me, I usually roll out around 8, having become somewhat of a night owl in recent years. Some might think the early rising was because of trepidation about the oral surgery. I don't think so, I'm really looking forward to having the process completed. Did I mention it's been almost a year? LOL On the other hand (this time I think it's the right hand) it's probably excitement over reaching the near end of the dental work. Did I mention it's been almost a f#&king year? :-)

In other news, I received a text from my son two nights ago with a couple of pix attached. The pix were of 2 small wood carvings. I texted back that they were interesting and wondered if wood carving were something new he was getting into (he graduated college and has been on his own since '02). His response was that I had done them years ago. Ahh memory, so fleeting sometimes (but then again, way back then I was pretty heavily into drinking and it's no wonder I've forgotten things). Now days I pretty much remember what I've done... pretty much. :-)

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Surgery went fine. Now just waiting for healing then FINALLY getting the new tooth placed.

My mom's dentist wanted to do an implant thing on her--she's 91.5 y old...she told him NO WAY, and he came up with an alternative.

Speedy recovering to you!

Thanks. Going just by the expense alone, an alternative might have been the way to go, but OTOH the implant is s'posed to be forever. At the point whenever, if ever, I see the 90s, a crown or some sort of alternative would probably make a lot more sense.

The good part about losing my memory these days is that some things seem brand new all over again.

brand new all over again

I find this especially useful when pulling an old book off the shelf and rereading it. :-)

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