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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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Keybd Gnome


Loading the dishwasher this morning, I broke a glass. The task is not really enjoyable so I try to move as quickly as possible and just get it done. Moving dishes from the sink to the machine rather quickly, I bumped (just a glancing blow) a glass against the granite counter. SHATTER!! broken glass in my hand and a gazillion pieces all over the counter, dishwasher, dishes in the dishwasher, and floor. Minor cut on my hand but the cleanup... what a pain in the ass! First move everything on the counter and wipe that down. Next, unload the DW and carefully wipe it down, getting every tiny piece with damp paper towels. Then sweep the floor and wipe over with damp towels. I don't know the composition of the glass but it absolutely shattered into tiny, tiny pieces. I just know that somewhere on the kitchen floor there's still at least one small piece lurking, waiting for a bare foot to find it.

The sun's shining, it's nice and warm out and I'm sure the day will improve from here on.

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I so hear you! Granite counters are merciless, and the clean up is brutal.

Last Thursday, I broke a glass, though, on our wood floor and it shattered into a million tiny bits...I thought I found all but I encountered one the other day!

Those tiny glass bits can be so sneaky. :-)

cotton balls are great for picking up glass shards. Maybe a dry swifter would garner the same result and cover a larger area?

Sounds like good advice... but I'm NOT going to break any more glasses. LOL

Odd that it would shatter in that way... Was it a very thin glass?

No... actually pretty heavy. A faceted juice size glass. Who knows? shit happens. :-)

I'm sorry about the glass!!! I hope that by now you have not been stabbed in the foot by that one sneaky escaped piece of glass!

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