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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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The watering & feeding of cats.

Our two cats, Willow on the left and Jax on the right, sometimes get along, as can be seen in this pic.
There are, from time to time, occasions when Jax decides to be an imp and annoy Willow. This could be just reaching out and touching her tail (as he's about to do here) or lying in wait and leaping on her as she passes by. The usual response is some hissing and growling on Willow's part before she takes off on the run. Willow is the faster of the two and always escapes, usually to some elevated location. The carrying-ons can be entertaining... but not so much at 3 in the morning. Cats don't seem to keep the same hours as we do, except for their eating schedule. This brings me to “the watering & feeding of cats.”

In the AM I fill up 2 bowls with 2 different dry foods. One cat at a time will eat, choosing either bowl or maybe nibbling a bit from each. As you can see from the pic, there is also a bowl of water. This, however, is a joke. I've never seen either cat drink from this bowl. It, somewhat like the toilet, is their bowl of last resort, apparently. The water level does go down but I'm sure it's just evaporation.
There's a cup we use for rooting cuttings on the windowsill above the kitchen sink. Cats love to sit in windows. We noticed Willow drinking from the cutting cup. Perhaps she liked the smell of the cuttings? So we placed another cup on the sill for the cats. That's where they get their water. The cats trained US on this point. But we still refresh the bowl by the food bowls. :-) Just in case.
As 5PM rolls around, Willow (being the better of the 2 at telling time) sits and stares, sometimes mews, occasionally bounds up onto a lap. This is her way of saying, “feed me.” Evening feeding is wet, canned food for each of them. Their plates have to be separated on opposite sides of the kitchen to maintain order and allow them to both eat at the same time. They really like the wet food and don't want to wait for “their turn.”

Sigh... the joy of cats.

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Great photo journaling about your kitties!

I hear kitty stories from my daughter--she has 3(boyfriend has one, she has 2): Squeaks, Kitty Cat and Kitten.

Hah! Seems like anyone with a cat has stories to tell. Guess when our kids are grown and gone, we fall into pet tales. LOL Thanks for the nice comment.

That's great that you   have special hours for feeding your cats. When we used to have a dog we would feed it simultaneously with our own breakfast or dinner. We had an American cocker spaniel, and he loved to eat. Every time we ate he would stare at us without blinking, and if some food would fall on the floor, he would definitely pick it up and eat. He could eat anything- fruits, vegetables, even mushrooms. When he was eating we couldn't come close to him, because he would start to growl and become agressive. We tried to train him, but I guess it was late- we bought him when he was 12 months old.

When my 2 kids were young, we had a Poodle (no! we did not go in for the fancy circus hair cuts :-) ). The Poodle was chosen because of fewer allergy problems.

Yes, I think all dogs are beggars when there's people food around. Those big sad eyes can make it so tempting to give in and share a bit.

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