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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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… there were a variety of foods hiding away in the freezer. I decided, however, I really didn't feel like doing a cooking thing so I pulled out hamburgers to grill up with some onion (as well as one can grill in a frying pan... on the stove :-) ). To accompany the burgers et cheese, I made some broccoli slaw. Then while getting rolls from the fridge, I noticed fresh (well it was fresh a few? days ago) asparagus and thought that might be a nice addition so I washed and fried up some after the burgers were finished. That way I could use the same pan. :-) This probably accounted for the small black flakes served with the asparagus (well done onion and ground beef pieces... I think). Wendy seemed to appreciate my culinary skill. I even shared my culinary secrets. Now, if only there were some apple pie... Hey! I could cut up some apples and nuke 'em.

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We're having spinach and cheese ravioli with caramelized onions, sweet red peppers, and pesto tonight.

Asparagus in the pan is a good way to go - gotta keep it crash, the soggy stuff just won't do.

Caramelized onions are the perfect beginning for so many dishes... and they smell so good cooking! And YES, soggy asparagus is kinda like canned peas. Yuk. If not fried, then steamed is a fine way to go.

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