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… there were a variety of foods hiding away in the freezer. I decided, however, I really didn't feel like doing a cooking thing so I pulled out hamburgers to grill up with some onion (as well as one can grill in a frying pan... on the stove :-) ). To accompany the burgers et cheese, I made some broccoli slaw. Then while getting rolls from the fridge, I noticed fresh (well it was fresh a few? days ago) asparagus and thought that might be a nice addition so I washed and fried up some after the burgers were finished. That way I could use the same pan. :-) This probably accounted for the small black flakes served with the asparagus (well done onion and ground beef pieces... I think). Wendy seemed to appreciate my culinary skill. I even shared my culinary secrets. Now, if only there were some apple pie... Hey! I could cut up some apples and nuke 'em.
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