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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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picture wall

The picture wall is finally finished. The 5 small (5x7 pics) white frames are the ones I posted about a couple of weeks ago. The round shapes are mirrors.

Was going to ride the bike to a morning meeting but decided the sky was a bit to iffy. Good thing I picked the car, a downpour occurred while I was out and about. Can't always (ever?) depend on the weather forecast. If only our newspaper carrier would be aware of this fact. It's been raining intermittently for the last several days. This morning's paper was completely soaked; no plastic bag. Oh well, I didn't need today's latest collection of murder and mayhem reports.

Bought another six 40 lb bags of topsoil to add to the garden and flower beds. Wonder what comes in these bags besides... you know, dirt. :-)

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