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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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daily stuff

Yup it's Saturday, but as most of you know, to me that's just like Tuesday (or any other day). It is a bit warmer today so my outside work (gardening as well as sitting and watching one of the cats eat grass) has been limited to... oh, maybe 30 minute stretches alternated with inside activities (or inactivities). The veggie garden is weed free (well, it was the last time I was out there... but weeds ARE extremely fast at regrowing, so I'll have to check again later). The metal bowl bird bath has been finished (spray painted) with a nice aqua blue Rustolium (sp?) and as soon as I'm sure it's dry, I'll fill it with water.
The color here is a bit off... too blue... it really is more aqua.

Also the peonies are finally blooming. They're late because the bed is along the north side of the garage and gets very little direct sun.

OK, that's the extent of the farm report. :-)

It's a beautiful day for a bike ride but I don't feel much like riding alone and my sometimes riding partner is working for the weekend. I try to tell her that she needs more time off to ride while we have all this nice weather but to no avail. I probably have as much chance convincing her to take time off as I do convincing her to trade the Honda in on a Harley. :-)

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Have you used a bird bath like that before? I'm curious if the birds actually use it. I've had bird feeders that were wildly successful, but I've never actually had a bird bath!

Oh yeah, the birds love it. Sometimes they just stop by for a drink and sometimes they get right in and splash around. Fun to watch. ;-)

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